Tips’n’Tricks for the FineOffset WH3081 Weather Station

The FineOffset WH3081 is a popular and cheap weather station including sensors for wind velocity and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, rain, solar radiation and UV. Relative humidity is also captured. The unit communicates wirelessly (433MHz) to the remote display unit, thereby alleviating the necesity for direct cabling to the sensor array. Power for the remote sensor array comes from a pair of AA rechargeable batteries housed inside the combined barometer / thermometer housing, which are recharged from the solar sensor cum pV cell. 

Here's a couple of tips and tricks that I've found for this unit.

To clear the WH3081 display unit's built-in data store:

  1. Press the 'History' button on the dislpay unit.
  2. Next, press 'Enter'. 'CLE' should appear on the screen next to the memory usage display.
  3. Finally, press and hold the 'Enter' once more for at least 3 seconds. This should clear the onboard memory and the memory usage dislpay should update.

To force reconnection between the WH3081 display unit and remote sensors:

  1. Press and hold the 'Down' cursor for at leats 8 seconds. This should force a reconnect between the console and the sensors.
  2. A 'radio' type icon will appear in the top righthand corner of the display to show the reconnection is underway.
  3. If all solar, wind and external termperature data does not show, repeat step 1 until all data displays correctly.

To reset the WH3081 display unit USB port:

Unfortunately this is a well known and presistent issue with these units; when using USB logging to a computer, the USB port will intermittently lock up and the display unit will cease to communicate.

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the display unit USB port.
  2. Remove the batteries from the back, wait for 5 seconds and then replace. A total power cycle of the dislplay unit is required to reset the USB port functionality.
  3. Reset the time and date on the display unit. Unfortunately, whilst the USB interface apparently supports having the time and date set from the computer, this does not seem to correctly update the time and date shown on the display unit.